League of Legends Xayah: 5 Best Support

You are about to enjoy something great if you like League of Legends Xayah. Find out about the five best support champions in this article. They can make your Xayah game stand out.

League of Legends Xayah: Rakan: The Partner for Dancing

Because Rakan is so charming, he is a great match for Xayah. They work together so well it’s crazy! Xayah’s strong damage works perfectly with Rakan’s ability to get into fights and charm enemies. Plus, Rakan can quickly enter and leave the battlefield, so you and Xayah can dance through it, making your enemies scratch their heads.

League of Legends Xayah: Thresh, the Head of the Chains

Thresh is like Xayah’s guardian angel, who she didn’t even know she had. Thresh can easily set up kills for Xayah because he knows how to hook people and keep them from moving. His lantern also gives him a quick way to get away if things get dangerous. Together, they’re a powerful pair that can set the game’s pace.

Blitzcrank: The Rocket Killer

When you want to surprise your enemies, Blitzcrank is the best support to use. His rocket grab can catch enemies off guard, which gives Xayah the perfect chance to use her dangerous combos. Enemies will be afraid to move because of Blitzcrank’s grab, which will give you and Xayah the upper hand.

Nami: A Call to the Waves

Namei adds some magic to Xayah’s world. Xayah stays healthy during fights thanks to her healing skills, and her crowd control skills can turn the tide of team fights. Nami is a great choice because she can play both offence and defence, which fits well with Xayah’s style of play.

League of Legends Xayah: The Minotaur Tank from Alistar

The crown jewel is now here: Alistar! This support character is very strong and can soak up damage like a sponge. This lets Xayah focus on dealing damage without having to worry about getting hit. Alistar’s ability to control crowds also gives Xayah chances to shine in team fights. They work together to make an unbeatable team that can handle any problem.

League of Legends Xayah: Why Have These Supports?

Even though Xayah is very good at damage and peeling herself, she needs help to make her skills even better. These champions not only add to her arsenal, but they also bring special skills that make her more powerful in the game.

Last Thoughts

People from AGENGACOR  and Xayah’s player will love these support heroes. They can help you play better. It doesn’t matter if you like the charming Rakan, the smart Thresh, the surprising Blitzcrank, the beautiful Nami, or the powerful Alistar. Each support is unique. Try these dynamic pairs out and pick the one that works best for the way you play. Have fun playing!

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